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Oral Surgery 2020 is comprised of 20 tracks and 91 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Oral Surgery 2020.

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The branch of medicine which includes the study, treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of a disorder related to the oral cavity. The study of dental medicine is not limited to only teeth but also the mandibles and other supporting structure. It also evaluates different medical patients before open-heart surgery, cancer therapy, and chemotherapy. 
  • Track 1-1Differential Diagnoses by Site
  • Track 1-2Differential Diagnoses by Signs and Symptoms
  • Track 1-3Oral and Perioral Side Effects of Drug Treatment
  • Track 1-4Drugs Used in the Management of Oral Disease
  • Track 1-5Therapeutic Protocols
Dental implants are one type of surrounding made up of metal that is positioned by surgery across the gum line, that permits dentists to mount teeth on it. It fixes to the jawbone; thus, it provides a stable support to artificial teeth. Endosteal implants are the kind of implant that directly implanted to jaw bone by surgery and Subperiosteal implants are consisting of a frame that is fixed to jaw bone below the gum tissue.
  • Track 2-1Management of Permanent Dentition
  • Track 2-2Orthodontic Tooth Movement
  • Track 2-3Cleft Lip and Syndromes Affecting the Craniofacial Region
  • Track 2-4Implant Design
  • Track 2-5Implant Treatment
This is the branch of dentistry that includes the manufacture and fitting of artificial replacements of the oral cavity. Till now Acrylic resin denture fracture is an unsolved problem in prosthodontics. changes in the denture base, tooth wear, and Sharp variations in contour can cause the midline fracture of dentures.
  • Track 3-1Tooth Preparation
  • Track 3-2Materials Used in Maxillofacial Prosthesis
  • Track 3-3Dental Implantology

Forensic odontology is the correct taking care of, inspection and valuation of dental proof, which will be then exhibited considering as a genuine concern for justice. The authorization that might change from teeth is the age (in kids) and ID of the individual to whom the teeth have a place. This is finished utilizing dental records including radiology, risk more and posthumous photographs and DNA. The other sort of proof is that of chomp marks, left on either the casualty (by the assailant), the criminal (from the casualty of an assault), or on a question found at the wrongdoing scene. 


  • Track 4-1Age Estimation
  • Track 4-2Medico-legal Death Investigations
  • Track 4-3Identification of Found Human Remains
  • Track 4-4Sports Dentistry
  • Track 4-5Assessment of cases of abuse
  • Track 4-6Assessment of cases of abuse


It specializes in the treatment of many diseases related to hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity and with the jaws and facial regions also. There are so many treatments are performed including Cosmetic surgery, oral cancer treatment. It includes anesthesia training and laser applications. Jaw surgery Teeth replacement, pain relieve in jaws are comes under the oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Track 5-1Orofacial Infection and Antibiotic use
  • Track 5-2Carnioficial Syndrome
  • Track 5-3Orthogenetic Surgery
  • Track 5-4Orthogenetic Surgery
  • Track 5-5Frontal Sinus Fractures
  • Track 5-6Management of Facial Fracture
  • Track 5-7Soft Tissue and Dentioalveolar Injuries
Endodontics is the basic practice of the dental field including dental pulp, diagnosis, and prevention of dental diseases. The root canal is a successful procedure and that is a part of endodontics. It can be more effective by using bubble dynamics and by the activation of intensified cavitation bubbles.
Immature teeth treatment with pulpal necrosis is a challenge for dentists. Now both digital and analog imaging are available. It's helping in faster treatment.
  • Track 6-1Root Canal System
  • Track 6-2Pharmacology Endodontics
  • Track 6-3Endodontics Instruments
  • Track 6-4Access cavity Preparation
  • Track 6-5Pulp and Periradicular Tissue

Dental Nursing plays an important character in the organization and management of the dental practice, assists the dentist in all features of patient treatment and plays an important role in patient care. The main responsibilities of a dental nurse include infection prevention and regulator, chair-side support, preparation and maintenance of the dental surgical procedure and patient care. You’ll need to reassure the public and put them at the calm while supporting the team in all aspects of patient health or care.

  • Track 7-1Special care dental nursing
  • Track 7-2Oral Health Education
  • Track 7-3Dental Sedation Nursing
People spend, and they get paid. There is an honor in dental marketing that you are getting a chance to help people while earning profit. The more active your service will be the more successful your business. Successful dental business leaders are waiting aggressively for new patients to their practice, so it needs a little bit of effort to go with the flow.
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  • Track 8-1Dental Consultant Connection
  • Track 8-2Future Trends in oral Health Care
  • Track 8-3Credit and Collection
  • Track 8-4Dental Practice Solution

The growth of cancerous tissue inside the oral cavity is called oral cancer. It may start as a primary structure in mouth of it may be an extension of a neighbor anatomic structure. If we worry towards its symptoms, at an early stage it includes red or white patches and a non- healing mouth ulcer. At the last stage, it will spread throughout the oral cavity. Consumption of tobacco, intake of alcohol may lead to oral cancer. By surgery It can be cured at the starting stage, but not at its last stage. We can use radiations or chemotherapy, but its success rate is very low. 

  • Track 9-1Reconstruction of Maxilla
  • Track 9-2Chemotherapy
  • Track 9-3Epidemiology of Oral cancer
  • Track 9-4Reconstruction of Lip
  • Track 9-5Oral Precancer
  • Track 9-6Radiation Therapy
  • Track 9-7Oral Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Oral diseases are one of the most common diseases in the case of human health and it can begin at any ages. There are so many mouth related diseases starting from a cavity to oral cancer. Noma, Oro-dental trauma, cleft lip, and palate are very difficult to cure. Most oral diseases and conditions need a regular visit to the dentist.

  • Track 10-1High Concentration Tooth Paste
  • Track 10-2Presence of Heavy Plaque on Teeth
  • Track 10-3Poor Oral Hygiene at Home Care
  • Track 10-4Presence of White Spot Lesions
  • Track 10-5Dentist Appointments
  • Track 10-6Diet Modification

It’s a practice of keeping some one’s mouth clean, disease free and to avoid other problems. Almost 80% of oral cavity and most of the oral disease occurs due to the unhygienic mouth conditions. The dental films I mouth consisting of a wide range of bacteria that is sticky and can be visible across the gum line. Occasionally plaques stay a longer and became hard called as a callus and only dental experts can be removed it. 

  • Track 11-1Intraoral X-Ray Film Packet
  • Track 11-2Digital Radiography
  • Track 11-3Digital Radiography
  • Track 11-4Vizilite
  • Track 11-5Lasers
  • Track 11-6Oral CDX
Many oral diseases are often prevented with routine care and regular dental checkups. sadly, not everyone seems to be able to access adequate oral care. Dental public health programs work to rectify that. they supply help and programs; therefore, people will avoid the pain and discomfort poor oral health causes.
Community dentistry is a nonclinical field that deals with the prevention and promotion of oral health. The recent answers show the awareness about the change of symptom in cracked teeth, occlusal caries, management of hypersensitivity, oral HPV risk factors and single unit crowns.
  • Track 12-1Environmental Health
  • Track 12-2Diet and Dental Caries
  • Track 12-3General Epidermology
  • Track 12-4Dental Public Health
  • Track 12-5Primary Health Care
Spreading nanotechnology into the field of dentistry thereby makes Nano dentistry an emerging field with the important potential to yield a new generation of clinical tools, materials, and devices for oral health care. All procedures are to be performed using Nanorobots that may become a replacement to the present-day dental assistants, specialists & hygienists so Nano dentistry is said to be the future of dentistry.
The discovery of Nano dental materials such as Nanocomposites and Nanopowders strengthened with Nanofillers are the most quickly developing group of materials with outstanding prospects for application in the field of dentistry.
  • Track 13-1Nanoencapsulation
  • Track 13-2Dentine Hypersensitivity
  • Track 13-3Nano Composites
  • Track 13-4Diagnosis of Oral Cancer

Evidence-based dentistry uses present scientific evidence to guide decision-making in dentistry. It is a method to oral health that requires the application and examination of applicable scientific information related to the patient's oral and medical strength. Along with the dentist's specialized skill and expertise, EBD permits dentists to stay up to date on the latest procedures and patients to take better-quality treatment. A new example of medical education designed to incorporate current research into education and practice was developed to help physicians provide the best care for their patients.

  • Track 14-1Fluoride Supplimentation
  • Track 14-2Bacterial Endocarditis
  • Track 14-3Clinical Trials

This field of dentistry that focuses on improvement of the look of the teeth, mouth, and smile. It provides some restorative treatments like dental filling as well. Some cases like of tooth decay or some structural damages we can fill the teeth indirectly, we can repair the appearance of the teeth and we can whiten it similarly these are the treatments done by cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers, dental implants are used in the technique of smile makeover it requires some teeth and it will give a look at what we want.

  • Track 15-1Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Track 15-2Dental Veneers
  • Track 15-3Inlays/Onlays
  • Track 15-4Composite Bonding

Dental specialists infuse analgesic to stand tangible transmission by the alveolar nerves. The predominant alveolar nerves are not for most of the part anesthetized specifically because they are hard to reach with a needle. Hence, the maxillary teeth are typically anesthetized locally by embeddings the needle underneath the oral mucosa surrounding the teeth. The second-rate alveolar nerve is most likely anesthetized more regularly than some other nerve in the body. To anesthetize this nerve, the dental practitioner implants the needle to some degree back to the patient's last molar.

  • Track 16-1Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Track 16-2Dental Veneers
  • Track 16-3Inlays/Onlays
  • Track 16-4Composite Bonding

In dentistry, Laser surgery is not limited, but many people have not ever heard of laser dentistry before having it done. Dentists use lasers in a variety of procedures including the inner side of the mouth, be it to eliminate overgrown tissue, to redesign the gums, or to whiten teeth. Sometimes, laser dentistry is perfect for children who become nervous or afraid when having dental work done.

  • Track 17-1Lasers in Endodontics
  • Track 17-2Lasers in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Track 17-3Leasers in Surgical Periodontics
  • Track 17-4Leaser Dentistry Research

The overutilization of electronic gadgets has turned out to be increasingly unlimited, in this way permitting correspondence on a worldwide scale. Even though these gadgets have ease correspondence, reports have diagrammatical variations from the norm within the body caused due to magnetic waves.

In the field of dentistry, titanium dental supplements have been frequently connected with reception apparatus like movement, even though the fundamental system stays unclear. The treatment involves electromagnetic wave incited expansions utilizing a gold combination dental to decorate and in addition dental medicines for discombobulation and joint adaptability issue caused by hurtful electromagnetic waves.


  • Track 18-1Corrosion of Intraoral Metallic Appliances via Induced Currents
  • Track 18-2Magnetic Field from dental devices

The branch of dentistry which deals with children from birth through adolescence. Pediatric dentists are specialists who have completed a specialized course of dentistry that provides to children who have special needs or otherwise need calmer care. When it comes to the health of your child's primary teeth, there is no better time than now to start working with excellent oral hygiene. Pediatric dental care safeguards your child's primary teeth stay strong and free of decay and other dental illnesses


  • Track 19-1Cleft lip and Plate Surgery
  • Track 19-2Skull Base Surgery
  • Track 19-3 Canthopexy Surgery & Soft Tissue Surgery of The Craniofacial Region
  • Track 19-4Plastic Surgery
The rules of federal states control dentists and the dental practice eventually. Dental ethics deals with the responsibilities and the moral duties towards their patient profession and society to promote ethical performances, discussion on the Ethical issue and reflecting of issues of dental practice.
  • Track 20-1Primery Care and Dental Education
  • Track 20-2Current Challenges in Dental Education
  • Track 20-3Dental Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Track 20-4Organizations of Oral Health System